As I type this Hurricane Ida is rolling across Louisiana and Mississippi knocking out power to millions and tearing up jack. In Afghanistan today, the last flight carrying refugees just lifted off the tarmac and left in its wake a terrible human crisis that in unfolding to reveal many unspeakable horrors. The political climate in our nation is so divisive that we are seeming split down the middle as a country. This is evident not only here but abroad as well as many countries around the world find themselves in political turmoil. Covid is back in full force sowing sickness, confusion, and mayhem in its wake again. Our culture is changing before our very eyes into a darker more sinister version of itself. Mistrust, doubt, anger, malice, hatred, backbiting, division, slander, and a host of other maladies are manifesting themselves in a continual news cycle that leave some wondering if everything is about to implode. To see these things without spiritual eyes, without spiritual understanding will leave one utterly hopeless. Yet, as followers of the Most High we have been given an understanding that we must view the world from a biblical perspective. The Scripture tells us that in the end days: there will be a rise of false teachers and prophets, the love of many will grow cold, wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes and other natural disasters, famine and pestilence, and persecution of Christians and the Jewish people will increase. We see many of these in varying degrees and it helps us discern “the times.” Ultimately, we don’t know the day nor the hour, but we can read the signs around us and know it is close. Subsequently, we should respond to this growing darkness with the everlasting light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Everything we do should live and flow from our obedience to the light of the Gospel. Also, we must redouble our efforts as     Ambassadors of the King of Glory and speak the Gospel into the darkness of people lives. We have been given the everlasting light of the Gospel and we need to wield it to dispel the pervasive darkness around us. One way that is done is by simply telling someone about the saving power of Jesus the Christ. Just the other day I was eating lunch with a Pastor and we shared the Gospel with our waitress. I watched her eyes widen in wonderment, behind her Covid mask, as she heard for the first time the life-giving message of Jesus Christ. She said that she would like to trust in Christ.  The fields are white unto harvest, and the Lord of the harvest is coming soon. Rise up and reap!


Serving the King Together,