Ecclesiastes 3:1 “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”


This week I just celebrated my twenty-ninth wedding anniversary with my amazing wife. It seems like only yesterday we were standing at the altar facing each other and exchanging our wedding vows before family and friends. Those early days were magical. It seemed almost everything was perfect and right with the world. That was a season of joy and learning, a season of cheerful laughter and endless energy. The next season began when our first child was born. I couldn’t have been more proud and nervous, and a little afraid. Would I be a good Dad? Could we make it on the little money I made? That season grew and blossomed, and we had another son and moved away from family and friends to seminary. A new season had materialized before we had time to get use to the last one. Then, something strange happened; time began to speed up! It seems I only turned around and seminary was done, and I had three amazing sons and was pastoring an awesome church. In a flash, it seemed the season had changed.

One of my favorite seasons was during those years of my sons’ adolescence. Sports, school, vacations, church events, birthdays, laughter, wrestling, loving, crying, growing—this season still lingers, and I bring it out often to play with it. In the fall my oldest son and my daughter-in-law will be having our second grandbaby; a new season makes its way into my life. Should I laugh, or should I cry for joy? I think I will do both. This new season has me staring directly into the eyes of those little boys who have grown into men. They have taken the reigns of their faith, and the reigns of their lives—a new season.

My precious, faithful, adoring wife has been by my side without fail through all of these seasons. I love her more now, than ever before. We have walked through these season together. Lord willing, we will walk through many more season together. One day those seasons will draw to a close. One day I will be no more. I ask myself, “What legacy will I leave for my family?” “What lasting impact will my life have had on God’s Kingdom?” “Did I live well?’ “Did I finish well?”

Spring turns to Summer, Summer turns to Fall, Fall turns to Winter, and Winter turns to Spring. The seasons march on with a rhythm and a continuity that catch us up in their parade. This Easter season seek to celebrate and worship our risen Savior and bounty of life He has given you in all seasons.


My grandmother use to sing this song about the seasons.


          Come little leaves, said the wind one day, Come over                     the meadows with me, and play; Put on your dresses of               red and gold; Summer is gone, And the days grow cold.

          Whirling and twirling the little leaves went;

          Winter had called them and they were content- soon

          fast asleep in their earthy beds, The snow laid a

          coverlet over their heads.


Do it today, not tomorrow; before the season changes…………. To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.


Serving the King Together,