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A tractor trailer was delivered to the UBA Missions Resource Center for the purpose of collecting the following items which will be taken to the victims of Hurricane Matthew in the eastern parts of North Carolina.  Please do not deviate from the list below as these items are specific to requests from the areas affected.


Canned Food

Hygiene Items, Hand Sanitizer

Baby Products - Diapers, Formula

Cleaning Supplies, including paper towels


  • Please schedule delivery to the UBA by calling us at 704.283.8383.

  • Please bring able-bodied people that can load your supplies on to the trailer.

  • PLEASE box any canned foods or loose items for easier transport.

You will need to schedule your delivery so the trailer can be unlocked.   

We hope to quickly fill this trailer.  These supplies will be taken to Red Springs Missions Camp in Red Springs, NC  for distribution.  


For Those Interested In Health/Wealth, Jimmy Godwin has developed a unique short program on the relationships between health and wealth.

He offers very practical information on how good or poor health affects our financial stability. He also suggests an approach to encouraging communities and leaders to address these concerns.

The following link will take you to his material:  http://www.fsioffice.com/healthwealth/



A day described as amazing was a good description of Saturday, September 24th at Monroe Crossing Mall. The UBA Youth Council joined with the ministry from "Feeding the Children Everywhere" to pack 35,000 meals in four hours. We give God the glory for seeing 20   churches join together and 254 volunteers that registered come together to reach our goal with 35,136 meals packaged.  The food is now ready to feed those in need through our local Union County Community Shelter and Loaves and Fishes. The two organizations shared of the great needs we have for the hungry here locally and how this food will make a huge difference. This could not have met the goal without churches, individuals and the UBA coming together to raise $8,750.00 to meet our goal.  Thank you for stepping up and  giving.  The UBA will be sharing pictures on our web site, at the UBA session and to the media, to show that the UBA is engaged in showing our community that together, we are His church and we are called to show His love and compassion to others. To see the day in pictures, click here.


Union Baptist Association was organized in 1854, and named Brown Creek Association. The name was changed to Union Baptist Association in 1884. Today, Union Baptist Association is made up of (77) seventy-seven Southern Baptist Churches. Despite many changes through the years, the association's reason for existence has never altered. Union Baptist Association exists to help Baptist churches of Union County, North Carolina, tell the story of Jesus Christ and His love.

Union Baptist Association member congregations elect messengers based on membership totals. It is the responsibility of messengers to attend four quarterly sessions of the Union Baptist Association, referred to as the Spring Session (April), Summer Session (July), Annual Session (October), and Winter Session (January). These four sessions provide a time of worship, fellowship, training opportuities, and information. Messengers are asked to report back to their church after each session and share the information.

The Winter Session will be held Tuesday, January  26, 2016, at Union Baptist Association Missions Resource Center, 1744 Williams Road, Monroe NC  28110. Fellowship & refreshments will begin at 6 pm followed by the session at 7 pm. Dr. Eric Cook, Director of Missions for the Union Baptist Association will bring the Doctrinal Sermon.  

The Spring Session will be held on Tuesday, April 26, 2016 at Mill Creek Baptist Church, 5417 Morgan Mill Road, Monroe, NC 28110.  Fellowship & refreshments will begin at 6 pm.  Rev. John Miller, pastor at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church will bring the message.

The Summer Session will be held Tuesday, July 26, 2016 at Antioch Baptist Church. 

The 162nd Annual Session will be held on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 at West Monroe Baptist Church, 1212 Icemorlee Street, Monroe NC 28110.  Afternoon session will begin at 2 pm and the evening session will begin at 7 pm. Rev. Tony Medlin, Bivocational Ministries Coordinator of Union Baptist Association will be the preacher for the Annual Sermon.

Our member congregations complete an annual report provided by the Baptist State Convention, know as the Congregation Profile. This report, due in early October each year, provides vital information for planning and assistance from the Union Baptist Association, Baptist State Convention and Southern Baptist Convention, which includes training conferences, sample Sunday School literature, Vacation Bible School Resources, Discipleship training, evangelism, and new work initiatives. The information received from these reports is included in the UBA Annual each year, which is a resource/reference manual for churches.


"What is the role of the Association today?"

1) Associations are doctrinally-based fellowships of churches on mission in their setting, 2) Associations are self-governing Baptist bodies created by the churches not by the denomination, 3) While self-governance is an indisputable right of every Baptist body, it is tempered by the necessity for, the spirit of, and the duty to practice interdependence and cooperation.