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Thanks to Dale Fuller, of North Carolina Baptist Men's Aviation Ministries for allowing me to accompany him on an Angel Flight to Augusta, Georgia. This nine year old boy in the back seat was a burn victim with over 40% of his body burned in October. He is recovering nicely.


Belarussian Relief Organization (ABRO)

Missions – I want to go, but how?

Matthew 28:19 – Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…

Would you like your whole family to experience serving God in the mission field? I have often wanted my family to go on a mission trip, but was unable to find a way for this to happen. There are so many factors to consider when you are raising a family, schedules, school, work, sports, and finances and so on.  But with all of this, God can, and if you allow Him to, always finds a way. For our family God does this by bringing the mission field to us. By way of the American Belarussian Relief Organization (ABRO), we host a child, sometimes more than one child, in our home for six weeks each summer.

About ABRO

Romans 8:28 … and we know that for those who love God all things work together for good…

All things work for the good toward the glory of God, even a nuclear accident can be used by God. On April 26th, 1986 the worst nuclear accident in world history happened. A nuclear plant in Chernobyl had a melt down and then caught fire. The radiation from this accident rose into the air and drifted north over the country of Belarus. 70% of the radiation from this accident fell on the Mogilov region of the Belarus. In 1991, out of the ashes of this tragedy, God began a ministry called the American Belarussian Relief Organization (ABRO).

About Belarus

According to statistics, Belarus is predominantly a Christian country, yet according to Mission Network News, only about 1.3% of the population is Evangelical Christian. Alcoholism and corruption are wide spread throughout the country. There are an estimated 32,000 orphans in Belarus. Belarus is ranked 4th in the world for homicides and the suicide rate is also high.

About the Ministry

This ministry is unique for several reasons. First, in Belarus, you cannot openly evangelize about Jesus Christ, all church activities must be government approved. ABRO is a relief organization so it is already government approved. Second, ABRO is a mission field that helps the physical needs of the children who would otherwise live their entire lives in an area full of unseen radiation. Third, ABRO brings the mission field to you, instead of you going to the mission field. Host families volunteer to bring these children into their homes for six weeks each summer and you get to show them the life of Christ lived out in your home and family. That means a family of two, four, even eight or more can do an overseas mission and never leave their house. You don’t have to raise money for a whole family to go on missions, you only have raise enough to bring one child, or more if you want, to your home. God brings the mission field to you for six weeks. You can live the life of Christ as you normally do and the children invited to host families develop a relationship with you, your family and most importantly a relationship with Christ that they can take back to Belarus. They can take Christ back to Belarus and the children from ABRO can begin to live the life of Christ out in a country that doesn’t want Him there.

Here is the Challenge.

Matthew 25:35 …I was a stranger and you invited me in…

Will you allow God to use you and your entire family to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to a country that is in desperate need of Him? All you have to do is open your door. 

For more information, or to have someone come speak to your church or small group, contact;

Les Ruholl, ABRO Coordinator, Euto Baptist Church, 6019 Hwy 205, Marshville, NC 28103

Church office – (704)385-8117 or my personal cell number (980)328-3157



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