Not sure how to say it but last night was amazing.  I was brought to tears more than once as I saw the church come together, roll up their sleeves and package 37,728 meals.  And servants hearts abounded in the building last night.

We saw a great problem occur, we had more people attend than registered for the UBA and for WU. Please thank the adults who stepped back and let your students do the work.  That is what made everything work out.  I know you understand that as a youth leader already.  


I wanted to share the people numbers also.

UBA & Council Members  -  5

WU Staff   - 3

Wingate Students - 165

Ground 40  - 7

Feeding Children Everywhere – 6

UBA Students and Leaders – 257

Grand Total  444


Give His Praise.  As I watched the truck leaving last night about 8:45 with the food on it, I thought of you the leaders, for caring, promoting, bringing, working , serving and giving, yes verbs are action words in the kingdoms work.  Thanks seems so small to say, but I pray that your heart was filled with love and the project gave your group a chance to minister to our county and spread His love even though we will never see any of the recipients most likely.

Please share that the staff from FCE were so impressed and shared how nice and great your teams were to work with.  Please express to your entire congregation thanks.  This was a massive project and together we did it with His blessing.

On behalf of the UBA Youth Council,  it was great to join with you and we hope you will be a part of more of the things we are working on at this time in the UBA. “The Event” in the Fall, OCC in  Nov, early Dec. and some other new ideas that we would like to roll out in the future. 

Please let the council know if we can help in any way.  Feel free to call Bessie at 704.283.8383 or myself anytime.


Because each life counts for the Kingdom,  Thanks for loving our students!


Frank Casstevens  ( New Salem )  UBA Youth Council Chair & UBA Moderator





is a Collegiate Missions initiative sponsored by North Carolina Baptist Men and Baptist Campus Ministry. Campus Ministers on college campuses and College Ministers in churches are welcome to sign up as a group. Individuals can also sign up for a missions experience. You can click on each location for more information about the types of projects you may be involved in while on the field. Note that details for Transform122 may differ some from the information seen on the partnership pages. Please contact Tom Beam or Rick Trexler for more details and how to sign up.

Mark Abernathy
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Honduras, Guatemala, Kenya, Pennsylvania, Appalachian Coalfields, Vermont, Hawaii, Rocky Mountain

Teresa Jones
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Tom Beam
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Red Springs Mission Camp, Red Springs, NC

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For More information please contact:
Tom Beam
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Camp Caraway is a summer camp for boys, sponsored by North Carolina Baptists on Mission, and is accredited by the American Camp Association. All boys are welcome and do not have to be active in a particular church to attend. We also have a Christian expedition program called Christian High Adventure, featuring male-only and coed outdoor adventure and whitewater trips. Our camp is located in the beautiful Uwharrie Mountains, seven miles west of Asheboro, North Carolina. Since 1963 more than 65,000 boys have been challenged toward strengthening their Christian walk at Caraway. We'd love to have your son or group of boys join us!
Camp Caraway bases its program on the Christian idea that each boy is a person of worth, created in the image of God. Each boy is important and each has something unique and significant to contribute to the camp. This idea is applied to every activity and to every aspect of the camp program. The key to North Carolina's furture lies with the campers of today. Our goal is to instill within each camper the desire to be all God created him to be. We hope to see you at Camp Caraway this summer!
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