WMU Monthly News from Betsy Ross



Missions: It’s not just a project; it’s a way of life.


131 words from Sandy Wisdom-Martin, our National WMU Director, as we celebrate 131 years of WMU.  May we always remember it’s not about us; it’s ALL ABOUT SERVING HIM. 


Embrace the Father’s passion for the nations.

Be singularly devoted to a love greater than your own desire.

Lay your brokenness before Christ, and let His power perfect your weakness.

Live a grateful, authentic life with every breath as worship.

Listen with His heart. Surrender your pride. Serve wholeheartedly.

Love without hesitation. Chase peace. Scatter grace.

Tenderly cradle reconciliation.

Bend your will toward His. Abandon the good to pursue His best.

Trust God for provision; acquiesce to His outcomes.

Seek neither the worn path nor strike out on your own.

Simply follow Him.

Be adventurous for God. Let every act be one of pure faith.

Deliberately and purposefully stretch and reach.

Dream in rhythm and live in concert with the Creator.

Entertain hope as a frequent guest.

Quietly walk with courage.


In His Service,

Betsy Ross, WMU Director