WMU Monthly News from Brenda Carter


Unshakable Pursuit – “My dear friends, stand firm and don’t be shaken.  Always keep busy working for the Lord.  You know that everything you do for him is worthwhile”       (1 Cor. 15:58 CEV) 


On behalf of our International missionaries, I want to say THANK YOU for supporting  the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering!  God is at work through our missionaries around the world! Through our giving and praying, WE are participating in the sharing of the Good News to the Nations.  To God be the glory, great things He has done! 

The Great Commission (missions) is a command to ALL of God’s people. However, we often fall short of caring out this command to the full potential in our churches.  The beginning of the new year―new decade―may be a good time to assess our missions involvement and how we can improve.  Below are some questions to consider. Digging deeper can make us healthy, mission-minded churches.


 1.  Does your church pray weekly for missions?

 2.  How does your church provide opportunities to pray for missions?

 3.  How does your church equip people to pray for missions?

 4.  Is your church teaching missions?

 5.  How does your church provide missions learning for all ages?

 6.  How does your church involve people in hands-on ministry?

 7.  What are the ways your church supports missions financially?

 8.  Is your church actively involved in evangelism?

 9.  Has your church recently had a mission speaker?

10. Has your church sent out a missions team or   missions volunteers? 

With God’s help, let’s make 2020 a year of missions growth in our church and personal life!  If you want assistance or have questions, please contact me, and one of the Association Mission Leaders will be happy to help you. 

NOTE:  Hygiene Kit project is scheduled for February. A list of basic items will be in the February news article.


Tuesday, March 24   Annual Missions Celebration at the UBA-MRC 

All for HIM!

Brenda Carter, UBA WMU Director, 704-843-2719