WMU Monthly News from Brenda Carter


August brings us to the time of returning from or preparing to participate in church supported mission trips.The realization that the Creator of the universe, the One and Only true God, the provider of Salvation and the Good Shepherd, desires to give me the opportunity to join Him in His work is overwhelming to say the least.  He uses ordinary people to accomplish His purposes through sharing the Gospel message, loving others with a measure of His love and meeting various needs.  The results is Extraordinary!  Only God can accomplish great and amazing works as we are available to be used for His glory.  He is an AWESOME God! I trust your summer is being filled with blessings as you participate in sharing the Good News through giving, praying or going.  Thank you for being Women on Mission! 

August is the time to begin preparation for the new WMU Year.  September-August is the suggested time frame for the WMU year, however, individual churches can choose the time that is best for their schedules.A WMU Director’s Resource booklet was sent to churches on record at the WMU-NC office.  This resource includes a preorder form to order materials for the emphasis of LMCO, AAEO and Heck-Jones. Also included is the 2017-2018 WMU church leadership form.  Please submit the Leadership form by November 1st so that the state/association offices can update the mailing records.  IF this resource has not been received by the current WMU Director or at the Church office, please call 1-866-210-8602 to request a copy. 

Listed below is the 2017-2018 WMU Leadership Team.  Please pray for these women as they seek to serve God and the churches in our Association.


         WMU Director                    Betsy Ross                       Oak Grove

         WMU Director-Assistant    Brenda Carter                   Hermon

         WOM/Adults                       Evelyn Deese                   Sandy Ridge

         Acteens/YOM                      Stephanie Smith              Oak Grove

        GA’s/CIA’s                           Vacant

        Mission Friends                     Shirley Davis                   Mt. Pleasant


A detail information list for these and other leaders will be provided in September. 




October 6-7          Carolina Women – Caswell Assembly – REGISTER SOON!! for this Great conference.

November 6         Baptist Women World Day of Prayer  - If your church would like to host, please call the

                                                                    UBA office and advise Jean Rollins.

RED BOX ITEM:   Deodorant  -  2.0-3.5 size   500 needed  Collection dates: 11/6 – 11/17


I pray you will have wonderful August days as you participate in family and church events!


By All Means, Let’s Share JESUS!

Brenda Carter,

WMU Director