WMU Monthly News from Betsy Ross


Unshakable Pursuit – “My dear friends, stand firm and don’t be shaken.  Always keep busy working for the Lord.  You know that everything you do for him is worthwhile”       (1 Cor. 15:58 CEV) 

Do you know the namesake of our Christmas offering for international missions? 

In 1875, Lottie Moon, a single woman, obeyed God’s call to missions in China.  She lived with the Chinese people in Tengchow and P’ingtu, adopting their dress and culture. Lottie’s unshakable pursuit was to see all of China hear about and receive the gospel message of Jesus love and forgiveness. Lottie gave her life for China, ministering there for almost 40 years until her death in 1912. 

While living in China, Lottie endlessly wrote letters to the national WMU leaders asking for money and more missionaries so that the missions work among the Chinese people could grow.  Her determination was unmatched.  Largely motivated by Lottie’s letters, WMU began collecting a Christmas offering. Five years after Lottie’s death, Annie Armstrong recommended naming the offering for Lottie Moon. To this day, the offering is called the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions. 

One-hundred percent of this offering is used to support our missionaries serving internationally.  May we, as Southern Baptist children of God, stand firm and give sacrificially to the  proclamation of the GOSPEL to all nations and tribes!   Pray and Give!!! 

Thank you, everyone who attend and participated in the Baptist Women World Day of Prayer service at Shiloh Baptist on Monday, November 4th.  An offering of $534.40 was received to assist Baptist Women in the region of North America. 

Thank you, Baptist women, for planning, organizing, leading and encouraging your local church family to be on mission in the community, state and world.  May God bless you and the “love” that has been shared through your faithfulness. 

Merry Christmas and many blessings in the new year!  


Dec. 1-8th      -  Week of Prayer for International Missions and Lottie Moon Offering 

NOTE:  Hygiene Kit project is scheduled for February. 

All for HIM!

Brenda Carter

UBA WMU Director