WMU Monthly News from Brenda Carter


Praise the Lord for the beauty of the earth!  What beautiful sites we have seen with our eyes this “strange” Spring in the blooming trees, shrubs and flowers.  This year we have been reminded of WHO is in control of the weather and nature.  The handiwork of our Creator is awesome! 

May 4th, Thursday, is designated as the National Day of Prayer for our country. I believe Baptist Women are great prayer warriors.  I ask you to consider using your monthly missions meeting as a time of prayer for the President and ALL those in positions of authority in this great nation. Also pray for the election of people this year (in all areas of service) who will uphold the principles this great nation was founded upon. America’s only hope is in Jesus!!  James 5:16 says the prayers of a righteous “man/woman” are powerful and effective (NIV).   Let’s plead for mercy and trust God to meet our needs, hear our prayers and heal our land.    A National Day of Prayer observance is scheduled for May 4th, old Courthouse in Monroe, 12:15 – 12:45.  Baptist Women, let’s encourage each other and our church people to attend this service. 

A recipient for the Mary Blair Scholarship will be selected this month.  Due to limited funds, only one scholarship will be presented this year.  WMU organizations from churches in our Association have supported this scholarship since 1970 by submitting annual dues and/or donations to the Association office.  $2.00 per adult member participating in a WMU organizations is suggested. Dues are not mandatory but submitted on a voluntary basis.  This information may be new to some of you.  Maybe your group has never heard about this opportunity to help a young person with college expenses. This scholarship was established and named in honor of Mrs. Mott P. (Mary) Blair who gave dedicated service to WMU in our Association.  Funds are low and without the continuation of support from our Baptist Women organizations it may become necessary to discontinue this presentation.  Please discuss this need with your church mission group and respond as you feel lead to do based on your resources.  Donations should be clearly marked for “WMU Dues” or “ Mary Blair Scholarship” and mailed to Union Baptist Association, P. O. Box 596, Monroe, N. C.  28111.  Thank you for supporting this worthy WMU ministry. 

May is the month designated by the State Convention to pray for Association leaders, staff and ministries.   In my opinion, our Association is blessed with Staff members, Committee members, and volunteers who truly care about spiritual growth for individuals and churches, supporting Baptist ministries as well as how we come together as “one” church to fulfill the mandate from Jesus to go make disciples in our communities, county and around the world.  I appreciate those who serve and say “Thank you” for being available to serve God through Union Baptist Association!



May 26 – June 2    MissionsCAROLINA  more information available at www.nc.org, or contact

       Richard and Delores Thomas at rgtanddat@windstream.net,  704-272-7230 or 704-695-4448

       Participate for a weekend, two or three days or just one day.

October 6-7           Carolina Women, Fort Caswell Baptist Assembly    Speakers will include Kimberly

       Sowell, Phyllis Foy, Renea Henderson and Sandy Wisdom-Martin, Exec. Dir for WMU.

       Register on-line at http://www.wmunc.org/carolinawomen2017  Ladies, this will be a great time to get t away and          be Refreshed! 

Serving with you By ALL Means ,

Brenda Carter, UBA WMU Director