WMU Events

The WMUNC webpage has a lending library for Bible study materials that will be loaned to churches.  Visit http://media.wix.com/ugd/4f59ca_d230782c1206444cb3d43b875d6ea7f5.pdf for the listing and visit http://www.wmunc.org/#!bible-studies/c1j8k for the information on how to borrow and return these studies.





Calendar Talk 2017




26-June 2   MissionsCAROLINA, CMV

29               Memorial Day Holiday (Office closed)



11-12        WMU Annual Meeting & Missions Celebration, Phoenix, AZ

13-14        Southern Baptist Convention, Phoeniz, AZ

19-23        Girls Mission Week (Grades 3-6), Teen Missions Week (Grades 7-12), CMV

26-28        Mother/Daughter Mini Camp (Grades 1-6), Girls Mini Camp (Grades 3-6), CMV

28-30        Mother/Daughter Mini Camp (Grades 1-6), CMV



4          Independence Day Holiday (Office closed)

3-8       World Missions Week, Fort Caswell, "DISCOVERED" Galatians 2:20-22

10-12   NC Baptist Ministers Wives Retreat, Caraway Conference Center

10-14   Girls Missions Week (Grades 3-6), Teen Missions Week (Grades 7-12), CMV

13-15   Camp Week:  TBA, CMV

17-19   Mother/Daughter Mini Camp (Grades 1-6), CMV

19-21   Mother/Daughter Mini Camp (Grades 1-6), CMV

24-26   Girls Mini Camp (Grades 3-6), CMV

29        Come to the Table II, CMV, 10:00 am  -  3:00 pm



12        West of Asheville Inspiration & WMU Updates, FBC Hendersonville

19-20   Military Wives Retreat, CMV



4          Labor Day Holiday (Office closed)



6-7       Carolina Women, Fort Caswell

14        CA Day, CMV

18-24   NABWU Asssembly WMU NC Bus Trip, Toronto, Canada

21-22   Missionary Parent Fellowship, CMV



 6         Baptist Women's World Day of Prayer

 6-7      BSCNC Annual Meeting, Koury Convention Center, Greensboro, NC

22-24   Thanksgiving Holidays (Office closed)



3-10      International Missions Emphasis & Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

25-29    Christmas Holidays (Offices closed)


*Not a WMU NC sponsored event, but one we work with.