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We will start framing walls at Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church on Nov. 6th. I know many of you can only help on weekends, and that is fine too. Please don’t use the “I don’t know how to do that” excuse. We would still love to have you and help you learn as we go. Everyone can do something.  This phase will take time and we will need your help not only framing walls, but setting and sheathing the trusses also. The type of construction at Eliz Missionary Baptist will be metal stud framing. The walls will have wood plates bolted on top to attach the wood frame trusses.  Basic tools will be an Impact driver: (18 or 20 volt such as Dewalt, Milwaukee,etc), speed square, tape measure, small Vice Grip locking C type welding clamps.   The truss framing will be wood and we will have tools for that also, but may need extra framing guns as well then. We use Paslode nailers so if you have another brand, we may have to purchase different nails.   We will have most of these tools onsite, but plan to bring some if you can.  

To schedule your participation, Please call Mark Hinson; UBA Baptist Men Dir at 704-698-8795, or Pastor Osco Gardin at 704-219-1815. Or call EMBC office at 704-283-6342.  The Church is located at 503 Maurice St. Monroe, NC 28112.  

Thank you for supporting what God is doing in our Association!


 84th Baptist Men's Day

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Theme: Open Hands

Scripture: Psalm 63: 2-4

 To see thy power and thy glory, so as I have seen thee in the sanctuary.

 Because thy lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee.

 Thus will I bless thee while I live: I will lift up my hands in thy name. 

When you get a group of men together, small-talk does not usually come easily. The “safe” topics seem to be sports, the weather, hunting/ fishing, etc. At some point the question “So, what do you do?” is usually asked. For most of us, the question ‘what do you do?’ is interpreted as ‘who are you?’, because most of us identify what we do with who we are. We allow our work to define us. Likewise, most men like to stay busy, and therefore, to fill their hands. Some fill their hands with various kinds of tools that are used to make or fix things. Some hands are filled with a steering wheel as they drive heavy machinery or long-distant transportation. Others fill their hands with delicate surgical or dental instruments. Still others fill their hands with a keyboard as they communicate and facilitate business. On and on it goes. You fill in the blank as to what keeps your hands busy. In Psalm 63: 2-4 we are called to empty our hands and to lift up open hands in praise and honor to our glorious God. (Read the verses again out loud). Recall times when you have been in worship and seen someone lift up their hands in praise. For those who grew up more “reserved” in worship, this posture may be uncomfortable. For others, it is liberating and refreshing. This passage—and others—make it clear that we are to raise our hands to God—if not literally, then at least figuratively. At some point in my life it was suggested to me that a proper position for prayer is to sit with your arms resting on your legs, hands up and open. Not only is this a sign of openness to God, but also one of acceptance—that is, being willing to accept what He has for me. (I highly encourage you to try it!) Raising open hands to God also suggests that we give up our control over the things in our life and trust Him to be in control. This is seldom an easy thing for most men, who are taught to remain “in control” of their lives. Physical actions such as literally lifting open hands to God, can be powerful—even life changing. More importantly, though, is that we learn to adopt an “open handedness” in our thinking about and overall attitude toward, God. The truth is that what we do is NOT who we are. Who were are is defined by our relationship to Christ. If we hold on to those things that we believe keep us in control of our lives, the abundant life that God wants for us will remain just beyond our grasp. If we learn to let go of our control, lift open hands to God, and trust that His plan for our lives is perfect, we will experience peace, fulfillment, and purpose. Let’s learn to empty our hands and raise open ones to God!


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