Bivocational Ministries Coordinator

Rev. Tony Medlin

My Last “Consider This”


This will be my last entry for the UBA monthly newsletter as the Bivocational Minister. It has been my pleasure to serve the Union Baptist Association for the past thirteen years, from 2003-2016. I give my sincere thanks to the past and present staff that I was privileged to serve alongside. 

My last day as Bivocational Minister for the UBA was on December 31, 2016. The past years have been very fulfilling serving the Churches and Pastors of Union Baptist Association. I believe we have one of the best  associations of North Carolina. In 13 years, I formed many new friendships in serving the churches and working on many committees. 

During that time, we have seen the associational building that belongs to the churches relocate and grow in two phases. Our building is now the largest associational building in NC. It was my privilege to serve while this happened...All glory to our God. 

I have served under two of the finest Directors of Missions, Dr. Dennis Burton and Dr. Eric Cook. Their ministries have greatly enriched my life, and I say ‘thank you.’ 

I felt it was time to explore other ministries and connect closer to one church. For the next phase of my ministry, I will still be available to supply preach in churches, conduct Sunday School trainings, and trainings for churches on preparing for guests. I will also be doing work for the Association on a volunteer basis. 

Thank you for the privilege of serving the Union County churches. May God continue to bless the churches of Union Baptist Association.